These two - the entire time I was near them, they were never more than a foot apart!

what a bad blogger!

I'm a photographer, not a blogger, and it shows! If I was a better blogger though, you'd see more pictures, so it's a tough situation. I could claim to be too busy, but most people are, instead, it's that I'm busy and eager to work on photos, rather than write. 

What I have been up to? Weddings, getting work, and an interview published in Professional Artist Magazine, some kids and family work, shooting for bands, a number of video requests, and a ton of commercial work. Also, some playing catch up on my Small Towns project.

This Mother's Day - Make it special!


Our Mother's Day Special is a 30 minute mini-session, with 3 prints of her choice, and digital copies of the photos selected, to share with family and friends. $100.

- photo sessions can be family, mom-and-kid(s), just kid(s) - it's up to her! 

- the photo session will be in your home, or an outdoor location of your choice - if you don't have an ideal spot in mind, we have plenty of suggestions.

- after your photo session you will receive a link to your online gallery to view the photos, and select the images you would like printed. Three 5x7 or 8x10 prints will be made, based on your choices, and you will also receive digital copies of the images you select. Additional prints, larger print sizes, canvas prints, and digital copies will be available at additional cost. You may have three prints of one photo made, or one print of three different photos - it is up to you! 

-To get this special rate, book by May 31st, 2017 

Book now

Exciting projects, and secrets*!

I know it doesn't feel quite like spring yet, but I can tell spring is here because things are getting busy! I'm learning new skills (piles of books), taking lots of photos (I just bought another external hard drive for storage), meeting with a mentor (lots of talking), and soon will be trying out a new area in photography. 

Add that to the miniatures project, the small towns project, the musicians & chefs project, the upcoming radio show, and all of the normal things (portrait shoots, engagement shoots, commercial shoots, band shoots, cooking-cleaning-driving-living), and there is a lot to do! 

I'm thrilled to be so busy, and I love it when it's bedtime and I can rest! Enjoy the chaos and pushing-forward of spring!

*you may have noticed I didn't mention any secrets - they're secret!!