Tiny Dog - Cartomancy

cartomancy - shelley hanna

Rose poodle was doing her best to be still and cute for her photoshoot - she is a year and a half old, and an enthusiastic participant in my Cartomancy (fortune telling cards) series. No idea what use I will put her to, but I know she’ll be adorable.
I’m trying to get my subjects photographed as soon as I can schedule them, so I can start figuring out what to do with them, find backgrounds and other elements, and edit like mad to be finished for my show in August. It feels and sounds like a long time away, but I know the trickster time, and there is never time to waste.
For this series my starting point is often like this - no idea. And Rose has no input so far, other than her short attention span for being photographed, and alert eyes. Many of the photos start like this, without clues.