New Website!

New website and a new photoshoot with Michael Whitmore, from Some’tet - he’s working on a solo project, a retrospective of sorts, Timing is and Art is an Axe, as he looks back at fifty years of playing nylon string guitar, and writing songs. His music is varied, often dark, odd, and mesmerizing.

We’d planned a shoot in my favorite impromptu portrait spot, the one I joke is my private studio, since it’s neither private, nor mine, but a bit of equipment failure, and the occasional interruption from friends and band mates forced us to do the quickest photoshoot possible - but we’ve worked together a lot, and some days you just have to do it anyway. As he’s building his set list and working on recording the project, I will be working on images and some small videos, to back up his music with something to look at.

Stay tuned!