about Shelley



 photo by Michael Whitmore

photo by Michael Whitmore

I started taking pictures when my great grandma gave me a camera for my eighth birthday. I was living in the Midwest, and I took pictures of people's legs, the lawn, and cracked sidewalks on hot humid days. I loved taking pictures from the first shot, but realized quickly that seeing something worth seeing, and taking a picture of it are two very different things. So began my obsession with cameras, and with improving my images.

I studied photography in middle school, high school and then focused on cinematography in college. While I love shooting film and video, I always come back to photography. Editorial photography, lifestyle photography, photojournalism, portraits, fine arts photography, commercial work... I love it all, and I love nothing better than spending time with a camera, and people, places, or things. 


I am pro-LGBQT, pro-love, anti-racist, special-needs friendly, and also friendly. 

I love our pictures!! You’re magic! I’ve never looked so good in my life, thank you!!
— bride L.
Thank you for the photographs we used for our newsletter, they helped us get our message across, and they really made a difference!
— non-profit organization board member
...I just wanted to let you know that you were a pleasure to work with, as well as taking great shots...
— Father of Bride S
I just saw the pictures! They are amazing! I love them!! There are so many cute ones of J*** and I love the family photos - it’s amazing what you did with the material. J*** is cute but you captured magic there.
My mom is going to love these, and we are getting the one of T*** framed right away to put up on the wall - I love it! You are amazing!
— E.B., family photography client
Exactly what we were looking for.
— editor
Her photography emotes warmth and candidness in everything she photographs. Carefully crafted, intimate photography, whether people, objects, or nature. Her work captures “life is magic”
— -Marcella
Shelley’s photos have a calm, clear, open but hidden complex of elements. There’s a calm “startle” factor I love having revealed to me: “OH! Those are trees!!” “Look how many visions the droplets make. Ok, mini-visions.” B__’s serene presence - under which can be seen an entire world beyond how he looks. Each photo reads as essay inviting the viewer to touch a new world.

If you want a photographer who can read the invisible words and threads and layers that have created your life, your home, your family: Shelley Hanna. You will get more than the visible - a lasting, shifting, changing challenge to live in.
— my mentor